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If you’re buying a house, infrared thermal imaging ("thermography") can help detect defects that may not be visually apparent in a routine inspection, helping you to have a better understanding of issues which may be present.

What Is a Infrared Thermography?

Infrared thermography (IRT) is the science used to capture and process thermal information using non-contact measurement tools, such as infrared cameras. Thermal imaging cameras work by detecting heat signatures and displaying them as a gradient scale, with lighter colors signifying areas that are more hot and darker colors being cooler. These images or scans are then evaluated for various anomaly which may reveal defects such as the presence of moisture, missing insulation, overheating electrical circuitry, HVAC defects, and even insect or pest presence! 

Because the infrared wavelength exists outside of the visible spectrum of light, infrared imaging can help to gain a better understanding of the property beyond what's on the surface level.

Infrared thermal imaging is a great tool to help a buyer or homeowner to have a better understanding of a property, and of potential issues which may be present. Infrared thermal imaging is an ancillary service, not included in a General Home Inspection, with an additional fee.


Getting a home inspection? Ask to have a Thermal Imaging added to your inspection!