We utilize HomeGuage software, which not only allows us to generate a well organized and easily understood report, but also allows for online access- so you can read your report, anywhere at any time.  Your report will be interactive with full resolution images (and sometimes video!), simple navigation, and the ability for you and your agent to create “Request List”- All at the tips of your fingers!

Use the Summary to view recommended action items that need attention. Read the rest of the report for general information about your home, and other notes the inspector took through the process.

Some agents dread working on their repair addendum after receiving an inspection report. HomeGauge's “Create Request List” feature makes this process easy for the agent and home buyer! Using the online platform, you will have the ability to use the inspection report to easily create a Repair Request List for the Addendum or make a Project List.


After creating the Repair/Request List, it can be simply added as an attachment to the agent's standard form that they already use!

If you aren’t as tech savvy, your report can be emailed directly to you and your agent in .pdf format for saving or printing


To see a sample of what your report may look like- click the links below!


If you're an agent who's tired of copying pages, cutting and pasting documents, and having to get together your repair addendum.  Click the HomeGauge logo below, and take a few minutes to check out the "Create Request List" feature!